Fivizzano is an important historical, cultural and commercial centre of Lunigiana, once it was called Florence for the presence of old aristocratic palaces and the ancient churches. Fivizzano has 94 hamlets, the most important are Equi Terme, Soliera, Gragnola, Vinca, Sassalbo and Viano, full of history and traditions. Many events are organised in Fivizzano like cultural-gastronomic festival Fivizzano Flavours, Archery Competition historical commemoration and the suggestive living nativity scene of Equi Terme.


Apuan Alps are a mountain range extend in Val di Magra, Lunigiana, Garfagnana and Versilia. A part of territory is included in Apuan Alps Natural Park, in 2012 it join the Geoparks Network protected by UNESCO. Apuan Alps is ideal destination for trekking and hiking lovers, there are a wide and varied paths network with old mules track, Vie di Lizza and marble streets. From Apuan Alps quarries the most famous and prestigious marble.


Equi Terme known the world over for its sulphur springs with healing properties are recommended for respiratory problems and skin problems, gynaecological diseases and osteoarticular diseases. Also, in Equi Terme there are caves of significant archaeological and paleontological importance. You can visit it during summer time, start your visit to Buca Cave and continue to Tecchia Cave, this is located further upstream and it was a prehistoric residence of humans and animals, which were found remains of animals dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic period. Recently, new caves characterized by numerous stalactites and stalagmites have been discovered. An amazing itinerary into the mountain, you can visit it only accompanied by guides! Equi Terme Village maintains the characteristics of the past with stone houses and small alleys, a jump into the past! A traditional Christmas event is the suggestive living nativity scene.


Aquila Castle situated on hilltop dominates the old medieval hamlet of Gragnola, its origins date back to medieval times. In the past, the castle was habitat by two different dynasties both from Malaspina Family of Fosdinovo, after the dereliction of all 900 century , today it is renovation in all its splendor. During the restoration work it was found a tomb containing the intact thousand three hundred Knight Skeleton, killed by a shot to the throat crossbow. To get to the castle you have to pass through the village of Gragnola, where historical houses have maintained the characteristic rural aspect.


Cerreto Laghi is a famous mountain location in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, as with all mountains place there are two different seasons: spring and winter. Cerreto Laghi ski track is 16 kilometres for alpine skiing and cross-country skiing while for snowboarder there is a snow park. Furthermore, there is the most important and equipped structure for ice activities of the central Italy with olimpionic track. During summer time, Cerreto Laghi is starting point for walking tours, horse riding or cycling. The main attraction of these months are the four lakes: the smaller Gore lake and Scuro Lake, Pranda Lake and Cerreto Lake, this is situated in front of the place and skiing station. Pranda Lake is the most extend and it surrounded by dense woods of beech, where you can do picnic, fishing and to enjoy fresh mountain air.


Lunigiana includes upper and middle Magra reaches villages and the lower Val di Magra villages. Land of history, tradition, religion dominated by old castles and medieval villages. Along roads and paths, there are a lot of old churches and abbeys, the oratories and small chapels. Also , this area is crossed by the historical Via Fracigena. In the past, it was considered the connecting link between northern Italy and Sea. Lunigiana is place for sports and nature lovers there are numerous activities like trekking, horse riding or biking. During winter seasons you can ski in “Passo Dei Due Santi”, it is only ski station in Lunigiana where on sunny days you can see the sea. The local cuisine is represented by typically "poor" dishes like testaroli, panigacci, focaccette, cold cuts, cheesees, chestnuts, honey, apples, mushrooms and different types of bread made in different Lunigiana villages like “Marocca di Casola”.


Garfagnana is valley situated between Apuan Alps and Appennino Tosco Emiliano, in the past it was called “big forest”, because this territory is characterized by thick woods of beech, fir and chestnut. The valley is also characterized by ancient villages of Liguri sit on hilltops, today these are small towns. This territory is an ideal place for relaxing and doing outdoor activities like trekking, horse riding or biking, climbing, rafting on the Serchio River and winter sports. Garfagnana typical products are bound by tradition and territory like spelt IGP, biroldo (typical cold cut), Garfagnana ham and mortadella, cheesees, bread, wine, honey and chestnut flour IGP. In Garfagnana, especially during summer, there are many festivals dedicated to typical food.


Tuscans Cities of Art are famous all over the world, every town is rich of history, monuments, churches, architecture and art. Tuscany is one of the regions with the most important artistic and cultural heritage of Italy. The most important cities are Florence, city of art par excellence; Siena, with Del Campo Square; Pisa, with Leaning Tower; and Lucca, with its walls. Do not forget, Tuscan medieval villages are Volterra, San Giminiano, Pienza, Vinci e Bolgheri.


Versilia is a seaside area situated in the North of Tuscany between Apuan Alps and Tirreno Sea, extend between Forte di Marmi and Viareggio. It has long tongue of sand with comfortable beach resort, it is considered one of the best coast of Italy. Especially, Versilia is famous for nightlife: pub, disco and beach parties, it is a holiday place for celebrities and vip. In the past, it was Italian cult films set.

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